Students Who Just Don’t Bother to Learn

Do you know that one third of new teachers leave the profession in the first five years because of stress and ~90% of teachers are estimated to suffer from moderate to high stress. This report was from the USA in 2004.

The stress will come from various aspects, such as workloads, complaints from the parents, demands from the upper hands,  and of course from the students too. However, it depends on the teachers of how they managed to survive these factors. Usually, they will release their stress with T.A.L.K.I.N.G. and it’s common for human being to talk about their problems or concerns to release the stress. That’s why teachers Talk A Lot – don’t blame them!

Talking about the students, there are some students who just don’t bother to learn. They just don’t want to listen. They just want to play, like me when I was in high school. Like all of us. But for me, I thought I just need to study, just need to do the home works, just listen to adults that study is crucial, just go to tuition like what my friends did – basically just go with the flow. However, these kids just don’t bother to go with the flow. They just want to go on their own way unknowingly.

So, it’s 100% depends on their surroundings which will make them Want To Study. Surroundings here means us, the adults, the parents specifically, the teachers, the community and of course their circle of friends.

As a teacher myself, I also still learning on how to make them Want To Study. Can’t really be too strict on them because they’ll feel they are useless. But can’t be lenient on them too because they will ‘step’ on us teachers. The lessons also I think need to be fun with hands-on activities and contribution from the students so they will feel appreciated.

But what about students who don’t understand the basic language? They don’t understand what teachers talking about and so they just don’t bother to learn. In this matter, I still don’t know what to do. Still don’t have any ideas on what to try.


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