School’s Culture during Ramadan

Ramadan 1431H

When I was in high school, I remember that every Friday, there will be Quran recitation and its translation for about 10minutes during the morning assembly. At that time I wasn’t able to appreciate the school culture, thinking that “Oh, every school must be doing this.”

However, that’s not true. It totally depends on the school to hold such event. How grateful I am that my former school still have that culture although it’s not an SMKA (islamic) type of school. It shows their effort to maintain islamic culture for the school members.

In this new school (as a teacher) I feel so blessed that the teachers also put efforts to maintain islamic values in oneself. It’s true that Islam is gaining back its ‘reputation’ in this modern years. If 7 years ago I still feel shy awkward reading the Quran in public, now I can see at least 5 out of 20 people are more open to do so.

Speaking about the school’s culture during Ramadan, I dare say I’m so proud because they managed to finish the whole Quran (together) and do a small charity event at school. In Malaysia the event called as “Majlis Khatam al-Quran” – where there were 9 boys reciting adh-Dhuha untill an-Naas, and at the end of it the school give out food and money (duit raya) to students whose parents’ income less than RM500 per month. The money itself came from the students (sadaqa) collected during Ramadan and also from the teachers.

What they did to finish the whole Quran during Ramadan was, they divide muslim students by groups. Each group will have their turn to do the tilawah. Before ‘Asr, they will recite one juz every day. So, basically every muslim students will read small part of the Quran until they finish the whole of it. The big bonus they get was when they perform ‘Asr prayer together – well, they usually do that anyway. Maasha Allah, how blessed could they get, practicing saum (fast) where in the mean time do sadaqa (charity), recite the Quran (tilawah) and perform salah (prayer) together.

Maybe in another school they have their own culture as well.

As long as it’s something beneficial, what loss could we get? Subhanallah…

All praises are due to Allah! ^^


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