10 Hysteria Cases in School During my Practicum – Real Story

It was couple weeks before we finished our practicum in SMK A.I.

“Last Friday, that boy got possessed somehow, did you know?” I overheard some teachers gossiping about it.

“At first, it was his brother, then it’s him! Poor thing.”

“I can’t believe there are more cases this week!” Mira and I also joined in the discussion. How couldn’t we? Since two or three cases happened before our eyes that morning. Regardless on the habit ‘we’ teachers do during our past time – gossiping. Well, I’m sure that goes to everyone. It was one after another. And it was Thursday. Some teachers said it was probably because of some event will be hold that Sunday, so the Devils love it and called their friends to join them. (Grin)

Some teachers heard one of the cleaners told them, “Last time I saw ‘that thing’ was having a rest laying on the desks in one of the classroom – the one next to the girls’ toilet.” I was thinking, that must be the class next to Mira’s class. Speaking about ‘that class’, I went there couple times actually – class relief. Phew!

Apparently, there are some spirits around there in SMK A.I. Orang Melayu kata Penunggu. Their home – toilet. Since the students always go to the toilet, vandalized and so forth, they got mad. So there were hysteria.

There was a rumor as well, about the brothers…

One fine day, there was a woman in an old white flat behind Sunshine Farlim, near the swamp. She was cooking for lunch, doing laundry and as an addition for that day, she went to a room where her husband usually works when he’s at home – she thought it might be a help if she could clean the room for her lovely husband who went to his office. So she wipe the dusts, mop the floor and arranged the stuffs to look more orderly and spotless. She was about to finish when she saw an unusual looking thing in between a black box and the desk. She reached it and while she hold it, she said “Keris mai mana ni?”

ps: Well, I know it sounds rubbish bad. But at least I’m trying my best here. (Giggles)

Long story got short, the rumor said probably because of the keris, her sons got possessed at school.

“Not until you return my keris, your sons will be Mine!” so they said what the hantu said to that woman. Poor thing.

As to wrap up the stories, Mira and I made a speculation. Maybe because the hantu keris got into the hantu sekolah’s territory, they associated and ‘partying’ in the daylight causing so many students shouting, screaming, clamoring around the school – so ustaz and ustazah’s hands were full on that day I tell you. Then, on Friday, all of us read Surah Yaasin together and pray that Allah will protect us from evil. Alhamdulillah there’re no such cases for the following weeks.

ps: Pray that Allah will place me in a good school with good surroundings and good students and teachers… Ameen!


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