“Apa Ertinya Saya Menganut Islam” by Fathi Yakan

Title: Apa Ertinya Saya Menganut Islam

(Madza Ya’ni Intima’i Lil-Islam)

Author: Fathi Yakan

Translator: Abu Mustafa Hamidi

Publisher: Dewan Pustaka Fajar

210 m/s RM12.00

I bought this book when I was in the UK. With 210 pages, anyone could read it in a day.

Sometimes, since we have “Islam” printed on our IC’s, we think that’s just enough. But the truth is, we don’t really know if we are truly a muslim until the day of judgment! If we ended up in Jannah (read: Paradise) so that means, we are muslims during our time on the Earth.


Apakah manusia itu mengira bahwa mereka dibiarkan (saja) mengatakan: “Kami telah beriman”, sedang mereka tidak diuji lagi? [al-‘Ankabut 29:2]

With the al-Quran and Hadeeth also thousands or millions of (legit) books, talks (Read: ceramah, tazkeerah, khutbah dll) and so forth, there’s no reason for us not to learn to be Real Muslims.

So, here’s one of the book speaking about how could we engaged with Islam and practice what real muslims do (Read: as what Rasulullah showed and taught) so that we could follow the good examples and insha Allah managed to survive this world and enter paradise ^^

All the best to all of us!


ps: you may read online in Scribd!


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