“Salahudin Ayubi Penakluk Jerusalem” by Abdul Latip Talib

Title: Salahudin Ayubi Penakluk Jerusalem

Novel Sejarah Islam

Author: Abdul Latip Talib

Publisher: PTS Litera Utama Sdn. Bhd.

289 m/s RM26.90

It’s a Great Story. I admit that sometimes I have doubt on how did the writer find out about what Salahudin Ayubi said, on each occasion, as well as the details of the storyline.

That’s nature of human being. And there’s no such book that delivers the exact 100% same thing as what had happened in the past, except for the Quran. Because it came from Allah The Most Perfect ^^

So, if you have seen the short movie clip of Salahudin Ayubi a.k.a Saladin (created by Malaysians), you should have some ideas on how rather than becoming a hated figure in Europe, he became a celebrated example of the principles of chivalry.

Even Wikipedia has quite a long list of information about him!

* * * * *

Basically this book talks about his early life starting from before he became a General of Muslims army. At that time the Crusaders (Read: tentera Salib) has already created chaos in Palestine. It was quite a long journey, took couple tens of years for him to lead Muslims army and capture Palestine which also known as Jerussalem.

Before the siege, Salahuddin had offered generous terms of surrender, which were rejected. Salahuddin had captured almost every Crusader city after a siege. Generally this book explained what had really happened during that period.

If you realised, in the video I linked, there was Richard the First who also known as Richard the Lionheart. That was the third Crusade and it was during the Hittin and finally the fall of Jerussalem.

* * * * *

As I said, it’s a great story to be read. Especially for young people to make them realise how great it is to be Muslims, and learn to becoming like ‘Salahuddin Ayubi’.

ps: How did he become so great? Non other than because he practiced Islam well, followed the Quran and Rasulullah s.a.w until the victory had been recognised by Allah s.w.t


Dan barangsiapa mengambil Allah, Rasul-Nya dan orang-orang yang beriman menjadi penolongnya, maka sesungguhnya pengikut (agama) Allah itulah yang pasti menang. [al-Maa’idah 5:56]


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