“A Day with The Prophet” by Ahmad Von Denffer

Title: A Day With The Prophet

Author: Ahmad Von Denffer

Publisher: The Islamic Foundation

94 m/s £2.50 = ~RM10.00

I love this book. It’s simple, easy to refer to and very practical insha Allah.

To keep it short, with only 94 pages, our author brother Ahmad Von Denffer shared with us most of the hadith about how the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w live every day – starting from bismillah, early morning prayer, bathing, morning toilet, clothing, eating and drinking, leaving the house, manners of speech until ‘ishaa’ and witr prayers till sleep.

‘A’isha said that Allah’s Messenger said: “The deeds most loved by Allah (are those) done regularly, even if they are small.”

[Bukhari, Muslim]

So, we should do our best to follow our Prophet on how to live our life in this modern days. I would love to share with you a video about Rasulullah s.a.w.

“This song and the video are inspired by Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Maher Zain and Awakening Records felt they had to respond to the recent attacks on Prophet Muhammad through cartoons and Facebook. The result is this music video. It’s a small attempt at portraying the true character of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).”


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