Gerai Makcik Baik [Penang]

One evening I was driving around Gelugor in search of food with one of my best friends, Rusya Aznita Yahaya ;o)

Feeling bored sort of indifferent with food they served at institute’s cafe, we went around Gelugor to find something new. Then there’s this stall I remembered eating with my family the first time we arrived in Penang last semester (July 2009). I thought, we should try here again! I was quite sure Rusya will be pleased to have a dinner there because it call to mind that she (makcik) cooks yummy!

So we ordered two Nasi Goreng Kampung.Yum!

What special there was that they served any Nasi Goreng with delicious hot soup.  Although it’s only a mere street stall, I believe the cook (makcik) cooks with care and love, in Malay I say “Makcik tu masak dengan penuh kasih sayang, dan Sedap!” – that’s why I call it Gerai Makcik Baik. (Giggles)

It’s highly recommended for you to try and dine there at least once. And if you asked me where this stall situated, I can only give you a rough one. You can either click this Link, to zoom in or out and click on the picture below for larger view with a red arrow.

So, basically that’s where the stall situated. You can see the 7Eleven clone, De-5 on your right side from the Penang Bridge. Before you see a small green mosque, there’s a street stall with no name – again, that’s why I gave it a name.

Next time, if I go to Penang again I surely want to fill my tummy with makcik’s cook!


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