Cedars Express – Lebanese cuisine [Bristol, UK]

One of these times, suddenly I remember about this small restaurant in Bristol. I started to like this place during my 2nd term in my first year university. I remember it because it was my former-forever-flatmate Fatma Ali who recommended this shop to me.

She said, Chicken Tikka is her favorite choice whenever she wants to buy a baguette there. Plus, they will give you free drinks when you buy baguette for £1.99 during lunch hour from 12pm-3pm. Cool eh?

ps: that was in 2007-2009, is it still the same price today?

What makes it more cool is that it’s situated in the heart of Bristol, between Park St. and Queens Rd, also one or two minute walk from Wills Memorial Building or Cabot Tower. During that time, whoever came to Bristol, bringing them to this sensational restaurant is a must! That includes Maryam, Azrah, Eira, Rusya, Kak Nawwal, Farah Hanim, Nadiah, Hanis, Amni, In, Dayana, Gulzhan, Haifa, Aishah, Farrah Izyan, and all that I can’t really recall. (Sumimasen) @~@

So, for those who still in Bristol and haven’t even try and dine here, I tell you, it’s an absolute regret. Go and try one baguette there today! (Or tomorrow if you’re reading this at night)


As far as I could remember, the menu includes:

  1. Chicken Sweetcorn
  2. Chicken Tikka
  3. Chicken Tomato & Basil
  4. ?
  5. ?              (What else?)
  6. ?

They also serve you Lebanese pizza (Mankoushe), falafel, pita bread instead of baguette and hot or cold drinks.

Here are some pictures randomly taken from the internet:


Lahm bi ajeen or Mankoushe

More information? Click here for map and location.

ps: Sorry for the incomplete menu. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the internet and I don’t remember all of them. 😛

How I wish to go there again someday.


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