The Repetitive Season (Baby Dumping / Pembuangan Bayi)

Sedarlah kesan yang akan ditanggung oleh “anak luar nikah” tersebut:
  1. Kalau bayi itu ditarik nyawanya, perhitungan di akhirat lah terhadap dua manusia kejam yang membuangnya (‘ayah’ dan ‘ibu’nya) .
  2. Kalau bayi yang hidup, sepanjang hidupnya pasti akan dipandang ‘hina’ oleh masyarakat. Padahal yang bersalah itu ‘ayah’ dan ‘ibu’nya – KASIHAN!

Untuk melihat kesannya, klik di sini (Click for the end products of  zina)


* * * * *


Another blog discussing about this never ending issue. News, magazines, blogs and many other mediums have been talking about it since – forever. It’s a matter that all of us need to really take into consideration and pay attention to. We always read this type of news and said “Oh, not again.” and that’s it. Do we take any actions to prevent things like this from happening? Do we try to Mind it as Our Own Business? Or we just Let It Be, “There’ll be somebody else gonna deal with it.” For sure?


Analyzing the  cause

Well, let’s see.

When is this problem usually occurs? I hope we do realize that this repetitive issue happen quite in a Big Number of time during the months of February, March, April and May (even in August!). You don’t believe me? Check on any news about baby dumping and see the dates. Every year, since – I don’t know when, the pattern will be just like that.

Question yourselves, Why did this happen? Well, let’s check about 9 or 10 months before those months. Which obviously the period of time baby grow up inside mummy’s tummy. Do your mathematics and you’ll find that it was during summer holidays or we called as mid-year school holidays ‘they did’ that (End of year holiday too! – For August incidents).

Blame them! Blame the parents! and unfortunately, also Blame the teachers!

It begins during the school holidays. I repeat, it was during the school holidays. What did the parents do, while their daughters and sons going off with that? What did teachers teach at school before the holidays – not just a mere lectures, but Really Need to inculcate moral values, Islamic values and any good values to educate them mentally, spiritually and emotionally. They themselves too should realized their wrongdoings. Don’t even try to get near to The Mistake.


“And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.” [al-Isra’ 12:32]


There are actually so many tiny-miny things that happen to be the factors for this problem. However those three major factors play their parts crucially – themselves, parents and teachers.

Allow me to make this short. Care for them! Pay good attention to their behaviors. Please Do Care about their whereabouts and let’s do our best leading them to the right path. And You there, take care of yourself, your Eeman, to prevent yourself running straight to the hellfire.

ps: I’m a teacher, please do pray that Allah will give me enough strength to face the teenagers… (Pray)




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