Takaful Prudential BSN – is it Halal?

Part I

Starting my life as a government servant, it has been promised that we’ll get Many Benefits, alhamdulillah. One of it is medical benefits. However, today’s government medical services that I’m quite sure are progressing, still seems not enough fulfilling. As in “Why?”, I’m definitely not going to say and share it here. Because in fact, I don’t really know the answer.

So, many government servants chose to take another alternatives to get better services and medicines – through insurance’s medical card. (Don’t worry, the main point here to answer the title is, Takaful Prudential BSN is Halal insha Allah)

I’ve been promoted about this type of insurance. There are actually many types of Takaful. One of it is Takaful Ikhlas which is also Halal insha Allah. I’m definitely not an ulama who can give advice on which one is which. But after a bit study here and there, I found out there are some insurances which are Haram and there are guidelines for the ones which are Halal and diharuskan. Read here*.

So, basically Takaful Prudential BSN does only with Syariah Compliance and did their best to not involve with riba’ and gharar (perkara tidak jelas) – please tell me if I’m wrong with the terms. I also personally think it’s very beneficial to take one as there’s a Malay saying “Malang tidak berbau“. If you want to know more about this Takaful, just find the agent and he/she will let you know the whole story.

Part II

At first I was a bit skeptical with this kind of matter. Because, (1) I’m curious where do people get the lump sum money even if they haven’t paid anything? (2) How does the money grows inside? Then the agent mentioned that basically insurance is where everyone contributes some money on monthly basis. So whenever some of the members got into accidents the money collected will be used to help the needed, while at the same time, our own benefits remain. Macam main kutu? And to answer my second question, the money of course being invested to get it grows – only with Syariah Compliance, not with those conventional banks/company.

The difference between Syariah investment with conventional ones is that, (please correct me if I’m wrong) if there’s any benefits from the investment, the members will also get benefits. If none, or they suffer any losses, the members’ savings wont be affected and also probably will not get any benefits. That’s fair. But most conventional ones, whether they got benefits or suffer losses, the members will still get the benefit they promised – where does the money come from? That’s ‘gharar’ which brings to Haram.

All in all, insha Allah Takaful Prudential BSN is halal.

*Read the comments and see UZAR (Ust. Zaharudin Abd Rahman)’s comments.

ps: I sincerely apologize if there’s any lacks in this sharing.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. safargmc
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 15:06:10

    Prudential laburkan balik tak ikut Syariah.
    adakah ini halal?



    • senseino
      Jan 09, 2012 @ 21:00:52

      Sefaham saya, any company yg ada polisi syariah tidak akan sewenang2 diberi cop “Mengikut Syariah” apetah lagi company besar mcm Prudential.

      Jadi, bila dikatakan mengikut syariah, inshaAllah ia tidak melibatkan diri dgn pelaburan konvensional yang nyatanya terlibat dgn riba dan haram.

      Wallah a’lam.
      untuk kajian lanjut boleh lah gugel dan carilah pembacaan yang sahih. Tq



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