Ramadan makes Muslims better Muslims


MUSLIMS began their fasting at dawn today and will continue the daily dawn-to-dusk denial of food and drink for the whole of Ramadan. It is incumbent upon them to observe the fasting as it is one of the five pillars of their faith, Islam. Ramadan is considered holy as it is during this month 14 centuries ago that the Quran was revealed. Thus Muslims are also encouraged to read the Quran and to contemplate its message as a reminder to them to live according to the guidance contained therein.

During this month Muslims are exhorted to lead exemplary lives, to be charitable and to observe moderation. When it is time to break their fast at dusk they will not gorge themselves on food but instead eat and drink in moderation. Whatever is forbidden them during the day they can do at night but in moderation and within the bounds of the guidance contained in the Quran.

It is incumbent upon them to restrain themselves in their daily conduct: avoidance of cursing or losing their temper at any one, wasting, lying, cheating and backbiting. They must avoid all kinds of temptations. They are also exhorted to be friendly, understanding and tolerant in their dealings and relations with other human beings, be they fellow Muslims or those of other religions.

In other words they are supposed to try very hard to be virtuous during Ramadan. If they manage to achieve much of the standards set for them, they have succeeded in schooling themselves to be the good human beings Muslims are supposed to be. And that is the way they should conduct themselves all the year round. But as human beings they often gradually stray away or deviate from the standards they try hard to observe during Ramadan. They will then need another Ramadan to straighten out the little crookedness or to iron out the kinks that are trying to find a permanent home in their character. Thus, fasting during Ramadan has a cleansing effect on Muslims.

They should, therefore, take the opportunity of this Ramadan to make amends for past inequities because not all of them are going to see or to herald in another Ramadan. It is therefore hoped that from today there will be less if not a complete absence of cursing, lying and backbiting among Muslims in their daily lives till at least a month or so after the end of Ramadan. There should not be wild allegations by Muslim politicians against one another and against non-Muslim politicians. Indeed it would be most welcome if politicians call a moratorium on political speeches during Ramadan.

But most importantly if Muslims observe their fasting strictly there should be less if not complete absence of corrupt practice: cheating or bribing or soliciting for bribes. Too much public funds go down the drain as a result of corruption. It would thus be interesting to see how much less is lost to corrupt practices during Ramadan, if any at all.

Resource: The Sun Daily

ps: I really like the way the writer put things into words. This is a very good reminder for all of us ;o)


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