Para 2

Let me start this again.. (and again and again) ::rolleyes::

(After a long while looking at the monitor blankly) Seriously, adding a new post has been so easy for me when I was not married. Hah. Because it requires me to sit down quietly in front of the laptop, studying things that needed to be posted, searching for a good link and media, reviewing and correcting the lines and so forth.

Being a wife, and a working mother (to a gorgeous baby girl) has been a bit hectic. Personally for me, trying to adapt to a new phase of life always been difficult, and will took me many many years to get used to it.

My Hero

After nearly 3 years of (ups and downs) marriage, having this charming baby boy as a part of our lives makes things more beautiful. We (me and my husband) are getting mature through this journey that Allah has put us together. Thus being a better spouse towards each other and being a better parents, day by day insha Allah.

“It is He who created you from one soul and created from it its mate that he might dwell in security with her. And when he covers her, she carries a light burden and continues therein. And when it becomes heavy, they both invoke Allah , their Lord, “If You should give us a good [child], we will surely be among the grateful.” [al-A’raf 7:189]

May Allah grant us good children and makes us grateful persons. Ameen.


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