New year 2012 = New commitment(s)

It seems that’ve been years I haven’t blog anything. Yet there were so many things happened in our lives.

As the new year begun, I flashback things that happened in the previous years…

If July 2010 was when I reported duty to serve the government, the whole year of 2011 was very much interesting – as many things that Alhamdulillah I’ve learnt for the first time:

  1. Being a form teacher (with so much tasks compare to a non-form teacher)
  2. Head of a club and conducted it (hopefully well)
  3. Hold a motivational event (successfully alhamdulillah)
  4. Started the first group of halaqa (NiCE)
  5. Being a wife for a great husband =)
  6. Being a daughter-in-law for lovely parents
  7. Experiencing a great adventure with little life

(and the list goes on..)

So, 2012 is here. Everything looks the same but feels different. That is because I’m a new me with new commitments at school and at home. Hopefully I could cope well with everything inshaAllah. Ameen!

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