My Dearest Students ^^


Do you recognize these students?
If so, then you might be a student of the same school or maybe teacher – my colleague ^^

Welcome to my humble website.

These students that I wanted to highlight is because in the beginning of my first year in the morning session they seriously made my hands full! At that time I wasn’t be able to control the class. They were so full of themselves – which makes all respective teachers tired and groan everytime we entered this class.

However, as the time goes on. As their english teacher myself, I felt that I should just ‘redho’ of the way they are in order to acquire their attention. Sometimes I gave in, sometimes I showed my anger and sometimes I praise them for what they have done good – in front of others.

Alhamdulillah Allah gave me the strength and after few months we could adapt to each other. They do all the given works (reluctantly or obediently) and alhamdulillah we are good with each other (no more tayar pancit).


ps: May Allah give them good fortune and they’d be good muslims inshaAllah ^^

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