“Behind the Veil” – Jane

After reading this news, suddenly I’ve got an idea to write this post 🙂

I remember when I was in my third year University, I have this wonderful flatmate named Jane. She’s a non-Muslim yet she showed her interests toward Islam.

She was always asking questions like, “Why muslims wear scarfs (hijaab)?” or “Why sometimes I saw you and Farhah wear a full white gowns (telekung)” that sort of cute questions ^^

But because she was asking in a polite way with curiosity, and not provocative, I wasn’t feel intimidated to answer all her questions. Sometimes we shared our food (depending on which pans and ingredients we used) and sometimes we shared our stories, laughs and cries. She even tried fasting for one day during the month of Ramadhan, and it was an International Fasting Day. I remember she was so strong enduring it for the first time in her life, not eating nor drinking anything for about 12hours. She said, it wasn’t that difficult though. After that, with the other flatmates we break the fast together, celebrating her accomplishment. Well done! ^^

She knew that we’re going to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr and I have invited her to our Malaysian Jamuan Hari Raya long before that. She was so excited to experience our celebration and asked if she could borrow one of my Baju Kurung to wear for the event. That was my pleasure! So I borrowed her one light green set of Baju Kurung and I suddenly got this idea and said to her with a smile, “Do you want to wear the scarf as well?” … I didn’t expect that she would jump out excitement. (Grin)

I’m glad that she enjoyed the celebration, the food and getting to know new friends during the event. Oh, how I missed her so much! Hope we’ll meet again insha Allah. And the most important thing is, I hope she’ll get the hidayah and nuur from Allah, whether it sooner or later. Ameen! ^^

In the picture, the most right is Jane ^^

ps: If somehow, she’s reading this entry, please let me know. Missed u Jane!


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