“Workaholic” Elapsed time 01:03:00:03:03

That, actually referring to “month:week:day:hour:minute:second” I haven’t post anything. Apparently I just put the minute and second without an accurate calculation – is that even possible?

Well, it has been a while. How could I possibly find a moment to spend in front of this screen, thinking of the best way to put my thoughts in words – because of workload.

Ever since I got transferred to this department, I’ve become a workaholic. Not enough with the fixed working hours, I stayed through an extra hours. Some of my colleagues also doing the same thing, so I enjoyed that – dealing with unfinished business. Marking, planning, organising, etc. Never ending tasks.

But because of Allah, everything should be as fun and as pleasure it should be. Because working in the name of Allah, because Allah love those who works hard, and because everything that we’ve done, insha Allah will deserve what we deserve.

So, rest assured. Do your best. Keep up the good work! The ‘ibada ^^


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