Things that never Kill you but Kiss

There are simple things that Malaysian people tend to avoid – because of EGO.. or shy??

Certainly, I experienced the opposite when I was in the UK, but when I’m back in Malaysia, I could feel how terrible worrisome Malaysians’ attitude are… when you read through this entry, I’m sure you’ll agree:

1. Hold the door for another person to pass through. It’s very rare to experience this in Malaysia. Come on, it’s common sense though.

2. Smile and say assalamualaikum or good morning or even a simple ‘hi’ to a customer or to a cashier, if you are the customer. I’m positive 90% Malaysians never do this, except for those who know each other.

3. Say ‘excuse me’ with smile when you need something. Some people still put their ego high up in the air and hesitated to make humble eye contact in communication. If you never heard of this – it’s called “Manners”

4. Wish good phrases like “have a nice weekend” or “see you tomorrow” etc. People will be delighted, you too! 🙂

5. Raise your hand as a sign of appreciation or sorry even when you are driving. Again, manners. Just put down your ego. Make good communication. How happy things will be?


I would say, shyness is not an applicable excuse here. Believe me, if you put the 5 things here into act, you’ll receive good feedback – people appreciation. Psychologically, people will be delightful if others appreciate their efforts. So, why not?

Yet, let me rephrase that ‘kiss’ in the title. It is actually something you appreciate if it’s under your willingness. You’ll feel like you’ll fly to the sky of happiness. You’ll feel blessed, content or even delighted. So, those are the things that will give you even a tiny bit of pleasure – because they are all good deeds insha Allah ^^


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