Mu’min goes to Jannah.. Am I a Mu’min?

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “A mu’min does not taunt, does not curse and reproach, does not indulge in obscene talking and obscene acts.” [Tirmidhi]


Hope I didn't

My friend, ask these questions to yourself:

Did you make any sarcastic comments to anybody today?

Did you by word or gesture make fun of anybody today?

Did you insult anyone today?

Did you demoralize anybody today?

Did you put someone down for a mistake that they made?

Did you curse anybody today?

Did you say anything vulgar today?

Did you do anything obscene today?

* * * * *

We need to check ‘No’ next to each of these questions everyday to qualify as Mumineen.

It is one thing to be a Muslim and it is another thing to be a Mumin. To be a Muslim is a basic qualification, in other words, you pass. To be a Mumin is a distinction. A Muslim has entered Islam but does not have the Eman that a Mumin possesses.


So, are you a Mu’min?


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