“Love and death is Unpredictable..

… you never know when it’s gonna come and snatch your breath.”

Some people say that “Love is a Verb”, it’s not necessarily to say you love him/her everyday. But it would be enough when you do what your loved ones like – although I agree when you say it, you’ll feel the love more. Love is unpredictable…

Allah loves you when you love Him. Although you forgot to say thanks to Allah for every each thing He gave you, He still gives what you want. Doesn’t it make that we should love Allah more – than before? Plus, don’t forget that Love is from Allah. The more you love Allah, the more love you could give to others – means without love, how could you give one?



People, death is also from Allah. How could we predict about it? So, what should we do other than what He wants us to do? Good deeds, love. Good deeds. Spread out your love so that other people also will do good things. Spread out Islam wings so Allah bless will always be with us, insha Allah. Just do it. Until the unpredictable death come to each of us…


“…And it is Allah who gives life and cause death, and Allah is seeing what you do.” [Aali-‘Imran 3:156]


* * * * *

And why am I talking about this?

Just that I want to wish “Allah gave you another day, reminding you your birth day. Insha Allah you are always in my du’aa. Not just this day.”

Yet, so another year has gone by. Sometimes we could feel love around us, but sometimes not – love is unpredictable. Suddenly we meet our ‘dateline’ – death is also unpredictable.

it's a bit late..



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