To install ‘Islam’ inside a muslim..

It’s *everyone’s dream to install ‘Islam’ inside a muslim…

What I’m saying here is that one should have the basic 10 characteristics then could be call a muslim. Let’s reflect this on ourselves and do better:

  1. Is everything we do is basically what Allah tells us to do?
  2. Do we perform solah & other ‘ibaadah well? or are we JUST ‘do it as usual’…
  3. Are we humble enough towards others?
  4. Do we put all our heart on the works given? or we just do it as long as it’s done…hmm
  5. Knowledge has no borders… explore it, do research, ask from the experts
  6. And this one.. exercise at least 15min for 3times a week?
  7. Don’t let you get you! nafsi.. nafsi… istighfar and seek/pray for Allah’s guidance!
  8. Use your trillion GB brain to be organise! So you can do lots of good things per day
  9. “Your time is your life” you waste it, you waste your life..
  10. Does people around you need you? If not, then you’d better be useful and learn to be concerned towards others…



Zoom-in to the mirror


So what we have done just now is just like looking into the mirror and tried to correct ourselves. What about looking at our families, friends and others?

“None of you will truly believe (beriman) until you love for your brother like you love for yourself.”


If it’s in our concern to correct ourselves, we also should correct each other. If we want to have a perfect ‘ibaadah, we also wants our brothers and sisters to have a perfect ‘ibaadah. And if we want to enter Jannah (heaven), we should also have the desires to bring along our brothers and sisters into Jannah.

Jannah is huge, vast like a combination of the skies and the earth.

“Be quick in the race of forgiveness from your Lord,

and for the Garden (jannah)

whose width is that

(of the whole) of the heavens and of the earth,

prepared for the righteous (orang bertaqwa),”

[Aali-‘Imran 3:133]

Let’s start our mission to install ‘Islam’ inside a muslim…




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