Part II: “Terkena Buatan Orang?” (prevention!)

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For those who have read/listen to the ‘kuliah’ in the first part of “Terkena Buatan Orang?” post, should have an idea why I put “ye2 je” in the title.

The main thing that we should give concern is our own ‘ibaadah. The shields that we use in our everyday life – do we have any? As what people always say: “Prevention is better than cure” is definitely appropriate for this Part II that I want to share. I got this tips from a trusted source, insha Allah you will have a blissful and peaceful life IF you have faith in doing it because of Allah s.w.t:

First, for each ayah/ayat say ta’awwuz: (أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم)

A`ūdhu billāhi min ash-shaitāni r-rajīm

Second, read all the ayah/ayat(s)a with understanding (use translation – you can find it anywhere nowadays)

The ayah/ayat(s):

Bacalah al-Quran dengan kefahaman

  1. 2:1-5
  2. 2:102
  3. 2:163-164
  4. 2:255
  5. 2:285-286
  6. 7:54-56
  7. 3:18-19
  8. 7:117-122 (repeat ayah 120 three times)
  9. 10:81-82
  10. 20:69
  11. 23:115-118
  12. 37:1-10
  13. 46:29-32
  14. 55:33-36
  15. 59:21-24

Emergency Case: Read ayah number 4 + 12 + 15 + 3qul (an-Naas, al-Falaq, al-Ikhlas)

“Renung-renungkan dan selamat ber’amal!”


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