Drink a Lot of Water during Ramadan (After Sunset)

Drink a Lot of Water

The Ramadan Nutrition and Workout plan for Success  Part II from the ProductiveRamadan website is a one good post to be read even for non-muslims. It talks about recommended types of meal to be or not to be taken during Sahur/Suhur meal (morning/pre-dawn) and during Iftar meal (break the fast).

You should also eat some quality protein at iftar time as well. Of course, drink plenty of water – In fact, keep a water bottle with you at all times after sunset! Then 1- 1.5 hours later have a food meal. Then during taraweh, depending if you pray 8 or 20 rakahs, have a protein bar or ready to drink protein shake in the middle (not while you are praying of course!) or have another small protein and complex carbohydrate meal after the 8 rakahs—drink plenty of water if you have a protein bar. After the workout, also have another nutrition shake with plenty of water.

So, why not let’s try our best! ^^

ps: Opinion & Advocacy page has been updated with another two new pages!


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