Pengajaran : Terminate your Carephone Warehouse Account before they eat you up!

I’m quite sure most of you canceled your phone account before going back to your home country. The thing was that I couldn’t find time and urge to do it at that time so I upgraded my phone to A £30 per Year contract. Since it’s a year contract, plus the customer service reminded me to upgrade again after a year – how would i remember that? (~_~!)

Well, moral of the story is that:
(1) (This is crucial, I’ve mention this couple times here) Cancel your phone account at least 1month prior to your departure.
(2) If you are happen to miss that. Call customer care-line and say that you are going to permanently stay in your home country – they will give you a special Disconnection Number for you to fill in an online form. In 30 working days, your account will be terminated.

Note: Within 30days, you’ll still get charged!

(Sigh) Hopefully this matter will be done soon…


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